Pancarpal Arthrodesis Plate

* The content of this article is intended for a medical and veterinary audience due to graphic images of surgical procedures.

Deer Hound

Distal Radial Tumour

Surgical Cutting Guide required to cut the tumour with margins either side, once cut the tumour area are removed and replaced with Limb Sparing Implant.viagra

Surgical Guides

Using virtual planning platforms two cutting planes were marked with the consultant surgeon to allow for a specific margin either side of the tumour to counteract the possible spread if active. The bone bound surface of this surgical guide contoured the forelimb anatomy so that it located and fit accurately onto the bone. The surgical guide was manufactured in a medical grade biocompatible polymer.

The Implant

16 screws attached the titanium implant to the limb. Screws were placed in the upper radius, radius carpal and metacarpals. K Wire holes were also used for positioning. A titanium mesh was created as a bone replacement for the removed tumour defect area. The mesh encourages osseointegration of new bone growth.


The Surgery

“It all went very well and he is doing fine, weight bearing and home the following day.” 

Consultant Surgeon