New Product Development

CBM offers a complete Product Development Service, transforming your innovative ideas into successful products.

Our design team brings over 20 years of award-winning product development experience across a wide range of sectors including medical, healthcare, industrial and consumer electronics.

Our experience in industrial design, mechanical engineering, prototyping, and production implementation ensures CBM offers a complete Product Development Service to help you transform your innovative ideas into successful products.

Early stages of the design process focus on planning, research and generating concepts that explore aesthetic and user requirements. These concepts are refined before being fully engineered for manufacture. Once the design is complete, we produce component control documentation and drawings for production. We can assist with the implementation of your product through to full manufacture; everything you need to realise your idea.

Whether a large corporation, SME or start-up, we deliver the same professional, structured, yet flexible and friendly working relationship with a commitment to helping you make your product commercially successful.

Product Development Services

Industrial Design

We aim to design distinct products that are uncomplicated and connect with the user.

Early focus of this stage is aimed at developing a clear brief, defining the product specification, and researching the target users and market. This ensures your design is informed, relevant to user needs, and the function, appearance and value of your product will be optimised.

Using traditional methods and the latest 3D CAD tools CBM then explore and visualise concepts, maximising their market appeal, before refining your design for detailing.

Mechanical Engineering

We give the same meticulous attention to the mechanical detailing of your design as we do to the concept generation. We identify the best materials and processes, ensuring cost-effective, robust design solutions.

We use design analysis and simulation tools, as well as in-house prototyping to minimise design risk and eliminate any potential problems prior to manufacture.

Once the design is complete we produce production control information that captures component specifications as 2D component drawings and 3D CAD files.


Using CBM’s extensive in-house workshop and state-of-the-art 3D printing and vacuum cast facilities, we offer low-cost rapid prototyping and small batch manufacture.

We use prototypes to evaluate the design intent, and if required produce visual models for marketing purposes, and manufacture multiple prototypes in functional mimic materials for more extensive testing.

Production Implementation

CBM offers a comprehensive production implementation service to manage the transition of your design to full manufacture, giving you confidence that the design intent will be maintained. We liaise directly with suppliers, manage tooling, and check samples to eliminate production issues.

We have an extensive network of suppliers throughout Europe and the Far East, offering a range of manufacturing processes and materials. We also have in-house Low Volume Production processes capable of producing injection-moulded quality components for small batch manufacture.

Production Sourcing

We are often asked to source existing components through our extensive network of suppliers. Years of experience means that we can often minimise your component costs and time to market, making production more efficient.

In particular, we now commonly source and manage the relationship between our customers and Far Eastern manufacturers in order to obtain high quality, cost effective tooling and injection-moulded parts.



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