3D Scanning at CBM


At CBM we are regularly asked to scan objects ranging from injection moulded components to bespoke hand crafted sculptural forms and convert the data to solid 3D CAD.

Our 3D scanning technology platforms offer state-of-the-art reproduction detail, with mesh point spacing down to just 18 microns we can capture the most intricate details including colour and texture, and the portability of our systems allows scanning to be undertaken at your premises, if necessary.

3D scanning enquiries are varied…


3D Component Deviation Analysis

A challenging enquiry required us to verify the accuracy of a complex injection moulded part. In this case the moulded part failed to operate as intended and key features needed to be scanned and measured against the original 3D CAD Geometry to determine any points of deviation and the degree of tolerance.

3D scanned data of the moulding was analysed using specialist comparison software and a report generated, highlighting the deviation against the original 3D CAD and potential areas of concern.

“It is very impressive how deep you can scan into the cavities. I can even feel the flat-spot on the drum you show. It all ties up with the reality.Presented it yesterday to our Quality manager and he was impressed.”

Reverse Engineered Injection Moulded Components

Here, our client had no production information for a couple of injection moulded medical components that they produced.

We scanned the original components and used this data as a template to allow us to re model the components as solid 3D CAD. 3D printed prototypes of the parts allowed the files to be checked before producing 2D control drawings and a data pack for future manufacture.


3D Scanning Obsolete Tooling and Components

We have scanned the contours of old injection mould tools to produce digital 3D CAD models of the components that they produce.

We have also been asked to scan obsolete components that have become impossible to replace, but which are essential to the day to day running of a piece of machinery. Once the data is captured we produce production data and helped source low volume manufacture.


Working with Artists

We have worked with several artists, scanning their bespoke hand made sculptures and capturing elements from nature which have then been integrated into their artworks. Once the scan data had been manipulated and scaled, multiple 3D printed replicas were produced.


On Site Scanning

All of our scanning devices are portable, our hand scanner can quite literally be used ‘out in the field’ as was the case above where we were asked to scan a complete tree trunk for an international artist who produced a 1:1 concrete replica for one of her art installations.

We have also been asked to scan components for clients on their premises, for the client’s convenience or where there was an element of component confidentiality required.

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