Prototype and Production

CBM’s Low Volume Production process is capable of producing injection-moulded quality components.

We use a range of materials that offer properties which match a comprehensive range of engineering plastics.

We utilise our in house professional AM processes to produce accurate, high definition master patterns for your low volume production needs. The patterns are expertly finished to your exact production specifications. We can produce a variety of surface finishes from highly polished surfaces to VDI spark finishes and custom textures.
CBM also offers a comprehensive production management service including component optimisation, material selection, tool design and volume production.

Take a look at our component finishing services!

Production Processes

Raplas Batch

CBM's Raplas machine provide customers win in every area – higher quality, production level consistency, faster turnaround and lower running costs.

This machine fulfils the promise of scalling up giving flexibility to build high resolution parts next to low resolution in the same build, freeing capacity from the small machines and providing the ability to scale production after prototyping a product

Vacuum Casting

Vacuum Casting is a process used to produce multiple components from a single master model in materials that closely mimic many production plastics. A liquid RTV Silicone rubber is used to encapsulate the master (normally an SLA model), and then once cured, cut open to create the mould tool. The mould is then placed under vacuum, where a 2-component Polyurethane resin is used to fill the cavity and create the casting.

Production Management Service

CBM offers a comprehensive production management service.

We are often asked to source existing components through our extensive network of suppliers. Years of experience means that we can often minimise your component costs and time to market, making production more efficient.

In particular, we now commonly source and manage the relationship between our customers and Far Eastern manufacturers in order to obtain high quality, cost effective tooling and injection-moulded parts.

CNC Machining Stations

CBM in partnership with the Advanced Manufacturing Skill Academy offers high end CNC machining services

Component Finishing Services

Each component is expertly finished to your exact production specification.

We produce a variety of component surface finishes including highly polished surfaces, varying degrees of gloss content, soft touch to VDI spark finishes and custom textures. We also provide decal services for the application of multi colour logos and text onto the component surface. Tampo Printing is used for medium to high volume production runs or transfers are applied for low volume runs.

Vacuum Casting Material Data Sheets


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