Ectrodactyly Deformity

* The content of this article is intended for a medical priligy and veterinary audience due to graphic images of surgical procedures.

Labrador Retriever.

Ectrodactyly deformity affecting the right manus.

Correction implant required to contour over the metacarpals with screws located into the ulna and radial carpal and in metacarpals 2, 4 & 5.

The Re-positioning

The consultant surgeon explained that his desired end result for the manus digits to be held together to mimic the opposite side paw. The bones were repositioned into their preferred location and the screw trajectories were planned to hold the correction implant in place.


The Surgical Guide

Four drill cylinders were used to guide the pilot drill to achieve the correct planned trajectories.The bone bound surface of this surgical guide contoured the manus anatomy so that it located and fit accurately onto the bone.


The Implant

13 screws attached the implant to the Manus. Screws were placed in the radius carpal and metacarpals 2, 4 & 5. A grid perforation was designed in-between MC2 & MC4 and K Wire holes were also used for positioning. The implant placement was completed in conjunction with a fusion podoplasty of the soft tissue.

“The use of a customised plate allowed us to perform a partial carpal arthrodesis as a salvage surgery despite the patients unusual anatomy.” 

Consultant Surgeon