Akash Gupta

Doctoral Researcher

Direct Line / +44 (0)1792 341774

Akash joined the CBM team in February 2017 as a Doctoral Researcher on ‘Finite Element Analysis for the validation of next-generation additive-manufactured products’.

Akash’s final year under-graduate project was the single use emergency release system for the supply pipe of a CNG tanker; as a final year project. The focus was to analyse the mechanism using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulation for the verification and validation of the geometry in partnership with Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies Ltd.

Akash obtained a BEng. Hons in Aerospace Engineering with a year in industry specialising in Computational Field & Rocket and Space Technology. As a part of his degree he worked in the Research and Development department as a Subsea Engineer carrying Finite Element Analysis on various connectors alongside designing the models using Solidworks and programing the analytical values for user specific connector using appropriate mathematical software.